The Privileged Sex

Now as ever, many feminist claims concerning the alleged oppression of women by men at various times and places are unfounded. Now as ever, both biologically and socially, becoming and being a man is in many ways harder than becoming and being a woman. Now as ever, men work longer hours, performing harder, dirtier and more dangerous work than women and suffering proportionally far more industrial accidents. Throughout history it was husbands who supported their wives, not the other way around. And in 9 of 10 households today, this remains the case.
Martin van Creveld
"If war is not enjoyable, then almost certainly something is wrong with it at the grand strategtic level."
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The Privileged Sex
"Martin van Creveld is the most creative, most insightful, and most important military historian writing in English today." 
      Andrew J. Bacevich, author of The New American Militarism:
       How Americans Are Seduced by War

"Van Creveld is incapable of writing an uninteresting book."
       Prof. Lawrence Friedman, Foreign Affairs

"The most important Israeli historian".
        Sunday Telegraph.

"Der orignellste Kopf in seinem Fach. An ihm kommt keiner vorbei der sich mit Krieg beschaeftigt." ['The most original man in his field.  Nobody who is interested in war can ignore him"].
        H. Stein, Die Welt.

"One of the world's foremost military historians."
        B. Whitaker, Guardian.

Professor van Creveld currently teaches a course of "The Future of War" at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tel Aviv University.  Further information about the Faculty at:
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