5 Important Tips when Moving Your Furniture

If you have heavy furniture, sometimes we forgot that heavy furniture can also be fragile. Whether it’s a carved bench, antique cabinet or just a cupboard with lots of parts dismantled, moving your furniture can sometimes be as vulnerable to damage as moving an electronic device, so you need to be careful when handling it.

1. Make a Plan for Carrier Mode

As we know, you need transporting furniture into trucks before moving. Be sure to use a transfer service using Pro Removals Sydney. Pro Removals Sydney can help you to move all the furniture you have, Pro Removals Sydney is a furniture removalists Sydney company that has decades of experience in furniture removal problems.

2. High and Low of a Furniture

One of the things you need to ensure that no furniture will drop during the removing. Try to carry your goods high and low this way, you in the front, hold the upper, your friend in the back, hold the bottom so that it will create balance moving. Whether you are holding a cupboard, file cabinet or shelves, doing so at a diagonal angle will help balance the furniture so that, when going down the stairs, it will be easier.

3. Don’t Do It Yourself

Make sure there is always at least someone else to help you when you move all the furniture. If you use moving company, then they must send at least two people to handle the work.

4. Wrap and Pad

Do you use bubble plastic, plastic wrap, and some duct tape? Wrapping your furniture is also important because the surface of the cabinet and the sides can get scratches. It is better if your wrapping equipment is waterproof so that your furniture still safe in rainy conditions.
Equally important is to provide a cushion for your furniture, especially in the corners. You can do this by using Styrofoam or soft materials such as pillows and blankets. In this way, you will not scratch any paint or polish your furniture. You can even use flat cardboard boxes as the base.

Follow these tips, take your time. Patience and caution are needed to do these things correctly.