5 Smart Tips to Create a Minimalist Home with Natural Shades

The minimalist nature shade house is one of a lot of people’s dreams. Could you crave one? If so, let’s both dwell on this one!

Usually, the owner’s goal of creating a minimalist house with natural shades is to make the surrounding conditions cooler, comfortable and beautiful. No doubt, one of the best ways to realize it all is to apply the idea of minimalist home decor nature. For example, installing interior stone tiles design. So, even though our house is simple and relatively small, it can be overcome with the right arrangement.

No need for large funds and a variety of troublesome efforts, natural style houses can be created through simple practical decorating ideas.

For clarity, note the recommendations for ideas below.

1. Present the Park

To get the impression of green, of course, we must present a park in our dwelling. No matter how wide the dwelling, the existence of the park will drag the impression of nature into the dwelling. During the day, the park can produce oxygen so the air of the house feels cool. With good air quality, oxygen that reaches the brain of the occupants will always maintain their health.

If there is not enough land, you can find an empty corner to fill it with a pot containing a variety of plants. It can be used as a living pharmacy or home decorator to make it look greener.

2. Make a Simple Swimming Pool

Water is a natural element that will relax at home. If you have enough space, you can make a mini pond complete with fish in it. That way, the natural impression will always be present to accompany time at home. To make it feel more natural, create the rush of water by taking a shower or mini waterfall. The sound of water will help us to fall asleep easily during the day.

3. Adequate ventilation

Air and sunlight are important elements in a house. With good air circulation and an abundance of light, it is you already present a natural atmosphere in the house. Make sure you have enough openings or ventilation to drain air from outside into the room.

You can also make a spacious home void so the air will always fulfill the room. For the light, install a skylight so the room will always be bright during the day.

4. Apply Natural Colors

Not all-natural elements can be incorporated into the house. But, the spirit can be adopted through color.

You can paint the walls in several spots of the house in green to bring the impression of nature like in the bedroom and workspace. That way, even though the natural aspects are not real, we can still feel the natural ambiance.

5. Using Natural Materials

The best way to bring the feel of nature at home is certainly by using the natural material itself. Use wood floors to make a warm and natural impression. For the bathroom, use natural stone so the natural feel will be wide.