Analytics Software

business intelligenceSAP Analytics Hub simplifies access to analytics scattered across multiple heterogeneous environments. Business Intelligence tools help the telecom service providers to perform data analysis and to predict churn probability of a particular customer. Business Analysts need to analyse the organizational data sources so they can build up the most effective Data Warehouse which would help the new process.

Hi @Seshaphani, there are wide opportunities in the field of business intelligence & analytics, data analytics professionals are earning huge amounts compared to other fields. In the early days, prior to the spreadsheet, what is now known as Business Intelligence was called Decision Support – and the sector was dominated by products and systems such as Comshare and FCS from EPS.

Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe and reliable. It refers to the business intelligence tools and processes used to extract insights from raw data to aid in business decision making. There are an infinite number of ways companies can deploy a business intelligence solution.

Initially, BI tools were primarily used by data analysts and other IT professionals who ran analyses and produced reports with query results for business users. No instead they must train the users on how to gain the best from their existing Excel systems, integrating them into the full BI tool process as and when they a full BI Tool Suite is intelligence

Whether it be optimizing shipping routes or allocating inventory in their global network of warehouses, BI tools (and data) help drive this process. Drive the strategy for data team and derive insights from data to business values. From your definition of a customer to your version of lifetime value, teams can come together around fresh, actionable data they can trust.