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business managerEffective managers have many strings to their bows. If you want, or are considering, a career change to become a school business manager, or one of various similar roles offered within schools and academies, then the Aspiring School Business Manager programme is an ideal choice as it provides an introduction to the role of the school business manager.

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Typically, a personal business manager is one part of a team of support workers who help their client—often a successful performer or performing group—to navigate difficult legal and financial decisions that arise in the course of working in show business.

If you are not the person who will be in charge of managing this Business Manager account, we recommend you use that person’s name and email in this section (unless you’re working with an agency, as they will have their own Business Manager account they can add you to).

A business manager also may be called upon to negotiate with record companies, merchandising firms, and publishing companies; seek out endorsements and sponsors; participate in the planning of recording and tour budgets; and counsel the artist on investment strategies.