B1 And B2 Visas For US

visaThe B1 visa is issued for the Business travelers to the United States and the B2 Visa is issued to visitors who intend to spend some time in the United States just for pleasure. To obtain such visa, complete the application form available through your local American Embassy or consulate, and send it with the appropriate fee, 2 photographs, and a passport – valid for 6 months from the end of your planned stay. In some cases, a visa run is necessary to activate new visas or change the immigration status of a person.visa

This is distinct from visa-free entry, where no visa is required, as the visitor must still obtain the visa on arrival before proceeding to immigration control. There are countries for which their nationals require special permission from the Commissioner General of Immigration or the Commissioner of Immigration (Zanzibar) before the visa is issued.

The Entry Visa (X Visa) is generally for people whose purpose of visit to India does not fit into any of the standard visa categories, such as people coming for short term courses, volunteer work, or unpaid internships to India. You should also consult with an accountant or tax advisor familiar with United States tax as you may be subject to US tax liability after remaining in the United States for more than 180 days of a year – even on the Visa Waiver Program.

Special and diplomatic passport holders should verify all visa requirements for each of their destinations, as they may differ from those that apply to regular passport holders. Those who plan to visit another country will need to obtain either a tourist visa or a business visa depending on what they plan to accomplish.

The length of stay in Australia for business visas depends on the agreement that will be arrived at after the applicant consults the Australian visa office. This visa is granted to those individuals who have business interests in Australia. If you’re planning on staying for more than 90 days, then you should apply for a visa.