Business Development Internship

business developmentPeople looking to start a new business have a lot to consider. Moreover, when you’re building a sales team from the ground up, it can be difficult to decide which role (business development vs sales) you should hire first—or to bring on more of in the early days. Seeking opportunities will often require the business development professional to leave the work desk and meet the key players of the development

Therefore, even though it makes sense to understand and keep a clear distinction between sales and marketing so that each of them can focus on specific aspects of the business with accountability and set results. A rather broad definition is that business development aims at developing and implementing growth opportunities within (and also between) companies on a long-term basis to create and grow value.

Their role is to identify companies that have synergistic business models and would complement the host company. Certification courses are available for experienced professionals who wish to specialize in business development, but may not have the time and resources to earn a college degree.

Below you’ll find a few new ideas for business development job titles to consider when you first start your business development plan. And, with new clients, your new product or service will expand your client base. If you use the terms Business Development and Sales interchangeably, you’re doing it wrong.

In many cases that happens when the salesperson doesn’t know who’s the ideal target that can benefit from the company’s service or product. Successful business development takes a multi-disciplinary approach in that it involves financial, advertising and legal skills.