Business Strategy And Trends

business strategiesMeet Celebrus Business Strategies, a sales consulting and training company founded in Atlanta in 2006, with a division in Kenya. You don’t have to be the market leader to successfully compete, but you do need to focus on your company’s strengths to differentiate your business from the competition and help customers understand the value you offer, including features and benefits.

It’s not uncommon for organizations to spend about 25 percent of every dollar of their income on people; for labor-intensive businesses, the service sector among them, it’s very common for them to spend 60 percent to 65 percent of every dollar on people.

In spite of short attention spans, smaller screens and limited time, Lane says, What’s exciting and challenging in today’s world is, there are more ways to have that interaction with the customer.” Plus, the digital world enables businesses to track results and see customers’ behavior and how they are reacting.

The pipeline business model enables the company to control content production in a straightforward approach, while the business growth potential via the platform business model supports Netflix’s intensive growth strategies and generic strategy for competitive advantage.

Begin with a bold winning aspiration, enabled by technology, which identifies for whom the company creates value, the technology organization’s ambition level in creating value and maintaining operational efficiency, and the relationship of technology vision to corporate strategies