Admission to the faculty: the importance of first impressions

“What’s her name?” Julia asked. And when it comes to networking with colleges, you might as well think. But what if I’m wrong?
Suppose you have decided that you are a fan of the University of Costalota and that you will, for example, send them an email with a question about the biochemistry program. This is a great idea. So you are sending this email and the person receiving your email Costalotta U sees in your inbox your email from Lak4Life or what if parti4eva?
What if because of your email name you sound like a sloth or like a partisan (and you’re not) outside of a potential candidate (who you are) they want to enter on campus?
Maybe your email address is a childhood nickname or is it based on a joke inside, like 9andahalftoes? When it comes time to look at your profile, do you really want people …