College Of Business Administration University Of Wisconsin

business classesAll B.B.A. students, regardless of their major field of study, are required to take the 33-credit-hour business core. Courses must be reviewed and approved by the College of Business Administration for credit towards graduation. We also offer business courses that look at database fundamentals, data visualization and other technology-centered topics. For the categories with additional hours, students should consult the General Education section of the catalog for a list of courses in each category.

This program provides students with the practical application skills and working knowledge of the tools necessary to plan, implement and manage projects in any business environment. Whether you are a visionary with an idea, or have an established business, our program has courses you can glean value from.

More information about this program can be found in the Bachelor of Business Administration section. If you’re planning on earning a higher degree, our Associate in Science Business Transfer Degree in Business Administration is a great way to get priority admission into a California State University classes

The objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the role of information technology in business organizations. Choose one of his Internet retail classes and discover ways to sell your products online or track visitors to your website, blog or eCommerce store through his Google Analytics class.

Accounting software and reports can provide incredible insights into how your business is doing financially—if you know how to use them. Elective courses allow students to explore their areas of interest and develop deep competencies that align with their career goals.