MS In Business Analytics

master in businessFirst off the amount of Universities in West Virginia is astounding. Various colleges as well as universities are posting the curriculum details information of their online business degrees program at their websites. In addition, up to two MBA courses can be counted toward the MS and all business analytics courses can be applied toward the MBA.

IMBA students are accomplished professionals from across the globe. It is designed to provide you with the academic background and competencies required for an international career in business management. Rome Business School s.r.l. will process your personal information to contact you and to inform you about the program of your choice for the upcoming two terms.master in business

Accounting master’s programs such as the Master of Accounting (MAcc) often prepare students to become a Certified Public Accountant. The Master in Business Management is an intensive program designed for early-stage professionals beginning a high-growth career path.

To obtain relevant work experience in the field of international business on completing the professional internship. This official Master’s degree qualifies graduates to enter official PhD programs and to earn postgraduate-level points for civil service exams, and competitions for employment in Public Administration.

It is possible to complete the MSc in Business Administration and E-Business by studying part time. Students looking for more specialization might be interested in the University’s Project Management degree or the Non-profit management degree. Our students enjoy a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, tied-to-business environment and sharing expertise by the participants who are full-time working professionals.