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SAP Predictive Analytics Free 30

business intelligenceIn September 2009, IBM published the results of their survey with 2,600 CIOs from 78 different countries and 19 different industries. Unlike other enterprise solutions for business intelligence, OTBI is designed primarily for business users who want to serve themselves with minimal assistance from IT. These nontechnical personnel increasingly need the ability to investigate enterprise data on their own so they can ask—and answer—important questions about the business.

It is a sad fact that not all businesses use BI, even though they may have the data and even perhaps the ability gain some intelligence from it. What they lack are the processes of turning this data and information into knowledge and finally to intelligence.

Papers published in IJBIDM are geared heavily towards applications (use of intelligence data analysis and mining techniques in business applications), with an anticipated split of 70% of the papers published being applications-oriented, research and the remaining …