Why is Spinach Beneficial for Weight Loss?

As we have seen before, spinach has several nutrients that are beneficial to the body. In addition, spinach is also beneficial for diet. By the way, do you know the reasons behind why spinach is good for diet? Here we present the reviews.

1. High Water Content

The benefits of spinach for a diet contain a lot of water where when consumed this will be very useful for you to help meet your body’s fluid needs while on a diet.

2. Carbohydrate content

The carbohydrate content in spinach is also beneficial for you to meet your carbohydrate intake apart from heavy foods such as rice. Consumption of spinach can help you to reduce excess carbohydrate intake like when consuming rice.

3. Low Calories

The low calorie content in spinach is perfect for those of you who are undergoing a diet process because this can avoid calorie buildup that leads to obesity.

4. Fiber Content

Consumption of spinach is also beneficial for dieters because its high fiber content can make the stomach feel fuller longer so that it can avoid eating excess food. In addition, the fiber in spinach can also help smooth the digestive process.

How to Eat Spinach for a Diet

Actually, spinach is delicious to eat as a clear vegetable. But for those of you who want to lose weight using spinach, here we share a weight loss recipe with spinach for you.


* Fresh spinach leaves a few strands

* 1 apple

* Juice of 1 tbsp of lemon juice

* Honey / low calorie sugar 1 tbsp

* 1 glass of water

* Ice cubes as needed

How to make:

* Wash the spinach and apples, then cut into pieces

* Put the spinach and apple leaves in the blender along with water, honey, lemon juice and ice cubes

* Belender until smooth

* Drink regularly

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